But it could be difficult for the nuclear sector to attract new talent. The reputation of the segment, the technical nature of the work required and the fact that the capabilities required are only specific to nuclear power are detrimental to the industry. And it`s good that they feel good about their job because they will make less money on average. The following list of annual salaries, developed from the Global Talent Energy Index, is based on employees with six years of experience in the oil and gas industry: The salary of professional divers and helicopter pilots working in the oil and gas industry ranges from $75,000 to $150,000 per year. Experienced divers support the construction, inspection and maintenance of offshore platforms and participate in activities such as underwater welding, repair and cleaning of underwater facilities, pipelines and structures. Underwater engineers and chemical process engineers, the highest-paid engineers on an offshore platform, earn between $75,000 and $188,000 a year. The petrochemical industry doesn`t get as much love as the oil and gas industry, but it`s said to be the future of the oil and gas industry. Like traditional jobs in oil and gas, jobs in petrochemicals are very lucrative, although wages are not as high. These gains have translated into an increase in the number of jobs in the oil and gas industry.

As an underwater engineer, you will design and develop equipment and components for use in offshore underwater areas. Many underwater engineers work for the oil and gas industries, but this work is not exclusive to this field. In this role, you can design structures to solve problems such as low temperatures, high pressure, corrosion, and aquatic life. Given the harsh environment, this work requires the ability to design structures so that divers can repair them without putting the rest of the structure at risk. To do this, you may need the diving skills to personally examine construction sites, collect data about the area, and provide customized solutions for underwater engineering needs. Tanker captains sail on large container ships that transport oil and gas from offshore platforms to terminal facilities. They receive salaries ranging from $75,000 to $170,000 per year. Going forward, IHS predicts that by 2025, the unconventional oil and natural gas value chain and energy-related chemical activities alone will support 3.9 million jobs. The renewable energy sector has something that other energy-related jobs don`t: they are attractive to millennials. And as such, they tend to have an easier time acquiring talent from responsive-eyed job seekers who want to be excellent citizens. The highest-paying position in petrochemicals is as a process engineer, who pays an average of $123,400 per year for a six-year veteran.

The Quality Assurance Manager comes in 2nd place, paying $122,190 per year. Other prominent positions in the petrochemical industry include the construction manager (#3) at $117,856 per year, the mechanical engineer (#4) at $111,630, and the chemical engineer (#5) at $98,636. As a well tender, your main tasks are the maintenance and repair of natural gas wells. Your responsibilities include inspecting wells to ensure they are working properly, adjusting pressure gauges and valves, and fixing safety vulnerabilities to ensure an optimal level of production. You only need a high school diploma or GED certificate to become a good bidder, but acquiring additional qualifications through a certification course will help you advance your career in the natural gas industry. You need knowledge of the gas industry as well as mathematical and computer skills to succeed in well-advertised jobs. This position usually requires an engineering degree. Completion drillers perform maintenance work and set up infrastructure for hydraulic fracturing work. You can earn an average of $150,000 per year! Geologists can earn an average of $110,000 in the oil and gas industry. They study the physical profile of the Earth and use this information to identify possible drilling locations and scenarios. A bachelor`s degree is required for these positions. The list was compiled by analyzing Swift`s 250 contract positions in the oil and gas industry at 30 locations around the world for a total of 7,500 jobs.

Among the countries represented for the first time are Nigeria, Venezuela and Angola. No jobs in the U.S. made the highest-paid list this year. The full list of the “ten highest-paying contract jobs in the oil and gas industry” is as follows: exact roles and responsibilities vary around the world, but offshore hierarchies typically fall into different general roles. Based on 2019 data, here are some of the most lucrative jobs related to offshore platforms in the oil and gas industry. Since then, jobs have been increasingly threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic and increasing automation, so don`t rely on these numbers for your next interview. A land agent negotiates the purchase of land for commercial purposes, such as. B, the acquisition of the right-of-way of a railway or the rights to a future oil well. You can work for a private company or as part of a government agency.

Other duties include identifying potential sites, negotiating the use of roads or water rights for construction purposes, assessing properties, and resolving claims arising from the construction process. They need to be aware of legal contracts, real estate laws and regulations, and any environmental regulations that could affect their employer`s construction plans. Below, we take a look at the jobs that are among the top 10 paid jobs in the world`s oil fields (note that these positions are global averages and come from various payroll aggregator websites – your experience may vary!) How are jobs in this segment behaving? Somewhere near the bottom of the pile, it seems, but wages are rising. Main tasks: Petroleum and petroleum representatives sell finished products for wholesalers and manufacturers to companies and retailers. These individuals often have a bachelor`s degree in sales, economics or a related field and an in-depth knowledge of oil industry trends. “As a global recruitment company, we are able to keep up with changes in how jobs in different regions are paid,” said Tobias Read, CEO of Swift. “The high use of projects and the lack of skilled talent have maintained high pay in Australia. Iraq and Nigeria have experienced unprecedented growth in industrial activity, and workers are being compensated for the risks associated with working in the most dangerous areas, which explains the increase in wage margins. Wages in the U.S. are rising, but wages in these emerging markets are rising faster.

Countries aren`t the only things changing on the list this year. Some job titles, such as completion manager and drilling manager, are suddenly in demand and are well paid due to the increase in upstream and drilling activities around the world. Swift experts predict that professionals in these positions will receive even higher pay as exploration at major oil companies becomes more competitive. [mappress] The oil and gas industry provides jobs in various environments around the world, but many people find jobs that work for large energy companies like Chesapeake, Shell, and Chevron. There are also small and medium-sized enterprises and service companies, most of which work with these large companies. Some workers are employed at drilling sites that perform manual tasks, and others have jobs in refineries or on offshore oil rigs. Others work in corporate offices for geological exploration projects, in government lobbying positions, and at universities that assist with research projects. Swift Worldwide Resources is the leading supplier of labour to the global oil and gas industry. With more than 25 years of exclusivity in this sector, a database of 200,000 qualified people, its own department of contracts and permanent jobs, a global logistics infrastructure and quality procedures accredited ISO 9001: 2008, it offers a first-class service – whatever it costs, wherever it takes us®. Swift is committed to investing in the local community and takes great pride in its ability to recruit, train and develop its national team of workers. For more information, see www.swiftworldwideresources.com. Make no mistake: The U.S.

energy industry can dramatically cut costs, slim down, and downsize to stay competitive after the shale boom, but when it comes to jobs, jobs in the oil and gas sector are among the most lucrative opportunities on the market. The U.S. traditional energy and energy efficiency sectors employed 6.7 million Americans in 2018, according to the 2019 U.S. Energy and Employment Report, with nearly 1.5 million direct employees in the oil and gas industry and 1.2 million workers in the power generation sector, which includes all types of power generation. including oil and gas. HOUSTON, Sept. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Australia is once again at the top of swift Worldwide Resources` list of the top ten highest-paying jobs in the oil and gas industry, but Nigeria is a new country on the list that ranks just below the returning favorite. The list was compiled by analyzing Swift`s 250 contract positions in the oil and gas industry at 30 locations around the world for a total of 7,500 jobs. Among the countries represented for the first time are Nigeria, Venezuela and Angola.

No jobs in the U.S. made the highest-paid list this year. Even in times of economic downturn, when the oil and gas sector has been hit harder than anyone else, it remains one of the strongest industries in the market. This makes oilfield jobs attractive to many and looks for well-paying jobs that don`t necessarily require extensive education or experience. #1 Project Manager $157,795…